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Quick Background
Hello, I am a developer/project manager with over 11 years of IT experience. My career has ranged from desktop support and network administration (Windows, Unix, and Novell), through web design and web app development, up to software design and development first with C++/MFC, then with a brief (five year) stint in Java development, and back to the MSFT platform using .Net. I have been primarily a .Net developer since 2003.

Goals for WPF Toolbelt
It is my hope that the WPF Toolbelt will fill in some of the gaps left in the control/utility set of the base WPF framework, making it easier to perform standard tasks that one can currently do with Winforms development out of the box. Also, there are some GREAT code snippets/samples already available for WPF. I want to bring them under one roof and make them more easily accessible.

WPF Experience
I have been working with WPF since early May of 2006 (a bit late to the party compared to others in the area).

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